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eufyCredits Rewards Terms and Conditions

("Terms and Conditions") govern the eufy Rewards ("eufyCredits" program). Members of the program will earn points (called "eufyCredits") in connection with the purchase of qualifying online products and online activities that are redeemable towards the purchase of certain products at or eufy security app (collectively referred to as eufy Store). For eufy products in physical retail institutions or third-party websites (including but not limited to eBay, Amazon, and other third parties), such products are not currently eligible for the accumulation of credits.

1. About eufyCredits 

1.1. Free Membership.

Membership in the loyalty program is free, but you must have an account on or the eufy Security app and complete email verification. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn how the information you provide to us will be used. This program is void where prohibited.

1.2. Eligibility.

To qualify for membership, you must create an account. Creating an account makes you a member. If you choose to create an account, you need to maintain the confidentiality of your account, username, and password, and limit access to your account. You are responsible for keeping this information up-to-date, complete, accurate, and true. You agree to take responsibility for all activities that occur under your account, username, and/or password. You agree to only provide the most recent, complete, accurate, and true information. If you access and use this website on behalf of others, you declare that you have the right to bind the party to all the terms and conditions provided by this website, and to the extent that you have this authority, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and accept responsibility for any improper use of this website or content. Each individual can only have one membership account. When it is found that an individual has more than one account, we have the right to freeze these accounts and cancel the Credits. 

1.3. How to join the eufyCredits program.

Create an account: Visit or the eufy Security app and become a registered user. You will be asked to enter your email address. After submitting the required information, your account will be successfully created.
Email verification: After successfully creating the account, you need to complete email verificatioin in the user personal center.

1.4. How to access/change your member information.

You must update your personal information on your account in a timely manner. To do this, click on the "My Account" section and access your account by entering your registered email address and current password. In the personal center, you can access your account information and change your personal profile.

2. Earning Credits 

2.1. General Rules.

Members can purchase eligible online products on or eufy security app to earn points. To earn online shopping points, you must log into your account. You can check whether you are logged into the website at any time by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner of the website.

2.2. Earning Rate.

Members can earn 1 eufyCredit for every 1 spent on eligible products; if you are logged into the website, you can purchase eligible online products on on or eufy security app. Credits are based on your order subtotally, after any discounts. Credits are rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, if you spend 99,99 , you will earn 100 eufyCredits. 

2.3. eufyCredits will be added to your account in the following cases.

eufyCredits earned from shopping may be delayed in displaying:
You will earn eufyCredits:

-When registering an account. The reward can only be claimed once.

-When subscribing. The reward can only be claimed once.

-When you complete your personal profile. Please note that since the eufy security app does not have the function to enter birthday or contact information, completing the nickname on the app will earn the total points of completing the nickname and birthday and contact information on Credits for completing personal information can only be obtained once, and subsequent corrections will not be added.

-When you purchase eligible products and ship them: Credits will be credited after the order is placed, but there is a 30-day freeze period.

-Donating videos in the eufy security app can earn points.

-In the eufy Fan Center, other tasks that can earn points are explained.
Note: The above actions require you to complete email verification.

2.4. Excluded Responsibilities.

Members can only earn points when purchasing
(i) eligible online products. The calculation of credits does not include shipping costs and all taxes paid by members, including but not limited to federal, state, and local taxes or use taxes. Any discounts or other credits related to products or services will not earn credits. For example, if a product that usually sells for 50 is reduced to 25 , then the member can only earn credits corresponding to the 25 shopping amount. Purchasing gift cards, redeeming vouchers, cannot earn credits.
All purchases made under the following circumstances cannot be counted as member credits:
(i) Purchases made by members before joining this program
(ii) Members who do not log into eufy and associate their account with the member's online account are not eligible to earn eufyCredits. Purchasing eufy products outside of the eufy official website or eufy security app is also not eligible for the eufyCredits rewards program.
(iii) Wholesale retailers are not eligible to participate in this rewards program. 

2.5. Returns/Order Cancellations.

If a purchase order is cancelled, refunded, a credit card or gift card is rejected, or goods are returned, the earned eufyCredits will be deducted from your account, and the deduction amount will be equal to the points earned in the original transaction, including any applicable bonus points.

2.6. Reward eufyCredits Promotions.

From time to time, or eufy security app may run certain reward eufyCredits promotions. In reward eufyCredits promotions, members can earn additional or "reward eufyCredits" by purchasing certain online products. When you purchase these specially marked products or purchase during the reward eufyCredits period, you will receive the reward eufyCredits specified in the promotion. Bonus eufyCredits promotions are subject to promotional terms and conditions and may be offered at any time at eufy's discretion. 

2.7. About Free Gifts.

If the product you purchase during the promotion comes with additional free gifts, the retail value of the free gift will not be issued eufyCredits.

3. Credits Redemption 

3.1. eufyCredits must be used under the conditions specified in these terms and conditions and are only supported for online use on or eufy security app.

3.2. eufyCredits reward content.

Rewards are usually eufy discount codes, gift cards (eufy or third-party gift cards) and products (including physical gifts or eufy accessories), redeeming these products will deduct the corresponding number of accumulated points from your eufyCredits account. Some rewards can only be claimed during a specific period or are limited in supply. Redemption rules may change and be updated on this page.

3.3 How to redeem eufyCredits?

Log into your account on eufy. Go to "Redeem eufyCredits", choose the reward you want on the eufyCredits page. Points will be deducted at the time of redemption.
Some rewards are subject to separate terms and conditions that you agree to apply to the reward, these terms and conditions will be provided when the reward is offered. Rewards are non-returnable, non-refundable, and have no cash value. Please read the rules for each reward carefully and check carefully before redeeming eufyCredits. 
a. Discount Codes
After you confirm the redemption of eufyCredits, you will receive a one-time discount code. These can be used for shopping on the eufy official website or eufy security app. Copy and paste the code into the discount bar during checkout to use.

-Only one discount code can be used per transaction.

-Some coupons cannot be used for certain products.
-Some discount codes may have a minimum purchase amount or minimum quantity limit.
-Some coupons can only be used at specific times and may expire if not used in time.
-Any rewards discount applicable to the order will be evenly distributed to the applicable products in the order upon completion of the return.
b. Products/Free Accessories
Select the product you want to redeem eufyCredits for, then click "Redeem Now". Then, fill in the delivery address and submit. You do not need to pay any additional fees.

-Products will be shipped separately.

-Once you confirm the redemption, the reward will be credited directly.

-Once the reward is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number. Please visit the corresponding redemption order in the personal center for more information.

-We apologize, but once you confirm the redemption of eufyCredits, you will not be able to cancel, return, or exchange the reward.

-If you receive a damaged or incorrect product, please contact eufy customer service at within 7 days of receipt.

c. Other items supported for redemption in the credits store 
We encourage you to redeem points so you can experience all the benefits of the eufyCredits program, including discounts, products. The discount codes and accessories supported for redemption are subject to change, termination, restriction, and replacement at our discretion at any time, whether or not notice is given. How and when rewards are issued is at eufy's discretion.

4. Excluded Responsibilities.

Each individual can only open one account. Email verification is required to join the points program. The discount code redeemed cannot be combined with any other discount code. eufyCredits cannot be used for past purchases. eufyCredits accumulated by different members on different accounts cannot be combined or pooled for the purchase of products or for any other reason. eufyCredits earned in a single transaction cannot be redeemed in the same transaction. Redeemed eufyCredits cannot be retroactively applied to any past orders. eufyCredits have no cash value outside of the official eufy website or eufy Security app and are only valid for members in good standing. If membership is cancelled, rewards will be invalid and cannot be sent. The entire redemption process must be completed within the valid membership lifecycle.

5. Credits Expiration and Time Invalidity.

Currently, standard points expire 365 days from the date they are assigned to your account, so please use your points before then. The expiration time of points is subject to change at eufy's discretion.

6. Rewards cannot be cancelled.

After credits are redeemed, rewards (discounts, products) will be obtained, and we cannot cancel the credits redemption and reapply the credits to your eufyCredits account.

In summary,
Registering on or eufy security app and joining the eufyCredits rewards program means that you agree to comply with the terms and conditions, as well as any other terms that may be related to the rewards program. If you violate the rules listed on this page, eufy reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend, or restrict the loyalty program, your account, point redemption, or any aspect of the program (including but not limited to point redemption rates and point expiration policies) at any time. Changes will be made without notice. eufy may make these changes, even if these changes may affect your ability to use accumulated credits. You are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions of this program. The credits balance of a member, as reflected in eufy's records, should be considered correct. eufy has the right to determine the number of credits in its account based on its internal records related to the member's account. If the amount due on the member's receipt does not match eufy's internal records, eufy's internal records will prevail. eufy is not responsible for any errors caused by incorrect member information. The transfer rights of points obtained or granted under this program are strictly limited. Selling points is prohibited and may result in the forfeiture or cancellation of your points, as well as the suspension or termination of your membership. All transactions involving points and all member accounts are subject to eufy's review and verification. If a member abuses the loyalty program or does not comply with the terms and conditions of the loyalty program, eufy can revoke their loyalty program membership at any time. Fraudulent or abusive behavior related to accumulating points or redeeming rewards may result in the revocation of membership in the program and may affect the member's eligibility to participate in any other eufy program, whether now or in the future. Credits are non-transferable, non-revocable, and invalid outside the eufy official website or eufy security app, and purchases made outside the eufy official website or eufy security app cannot earn points (including but not limited to Facebook resale groups, eBay, Amazon and other third parties)
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