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Joel D.


Excellent robot vacuum!

Brilliant little robot. It even get onto a quite long shaggy rug and cleans it fine all be it a lot slower than on carpet and bare floors. When the robot is running low on battery it will go into low power mode where it stops hoovering and finds its way back home to charge.




This little vacuum robot exceeded my expectations. It has an impressive amount of maneuvers to get into all kinds of places, it is super quiet and really efficient. Even the edges of rooms are done well with the little spinning brushes flicking all the muck into its path. Very good.

susan form Hants


You will never now be without one

This item has become a bit like a microwave or a tumble drier, I will now never not have one. It is almost as good as having a very thorough person to slowly vacuum for you, it does take its time but it trundles about and gets a good jib done!

Godfather of soul


Better than my Dyson.

I don’t normally post reviews but after reading the reviews for this Eufy Robovac, I decided to buy one. I think this robotic hoover is really amazing. Don’t expect it to pick up some bits the first time but it’ll persevere and will get them after a few passes. This model has fitted under all my furniture so far. I’ve put the charger underneath my coffee table so when it goes to charge it’s hidden until it’s time to come out and hoover. Definitely the start of home robotics. Well done Eufy!

Amazon Customer


Fantastic robot Hoover for the price.

Excellent. Best robot hoover we have ever bought. For the price, an amazing deal. Works flawlessly. Managers transition between hard floor and carpeting with absolute ease. Always returns to base. Believe the reviews!



Works better than I could have hoped

I have a large open planned kitchen and living room, connected by a central hallway with 2 doors. The Robovac daily cleans my hardwood floors at 9am.When I return home, I empty and take it upstairs to do my short pile carpets, which its works very well on.

Mr Cinnamon


No longer a Robovac doubter

We live in a pet-filled house (4 cats, 2 dogs). The vacuum cleaners (a Miele and a Dyson) are out daily to deal with the inevitable hair shedding. It's a chore, time is precious and we hate vacuuming but felt there was no way a little Robovac would compete with our dustbusting big machines. I was wrong. We have had the Eufy 11S for 2 days and it has exceeded all expectations. It is finding so much dust and hair our bigger machines have left behind. It is rather erratic in its journey across the rooms, it is slow but it is very quiet and ultimately works. Don't get me wrong, pet lovers will still need a bigger machine from time to time but for daily maintenance this little robot is remarkable. I have never seen or used one of the more expensive Robovacs but cannot imagine that the basic cleaning of those machines would surpass the Eufy 11S. All I need it to do is sweep and vacuum effectively, which it certainly does. The memory, app controls etc are of little value to me and an unnecessary cost. The Eufy gets 10/10 from me.

Eve Sheen


Brilliant timesaver

This is amazing, it's so hard to keep on top of pet hair and dust in my house, but Eufy makes it easy! I have pretty bad asthma and because I work a lot of 12 hour shifts, it's hard to find the time to vacuum. I'm really glad I bought Eufy, definitely would recommend to anyone looking to buy a robovac. It's great for reaching the places I can't usually reach, such as under my bed too, so my chest is a lot clearer since using Eufy. I've started to refer to it as a 'he' and it's little beeps and noises do make me smile. He does a brilliant job.

gary evans


fantastic product

this robot is amazing cleaned a carpet that my regular cleaner struggled with, solid build never gets stuck, long run time and so easy to do regular maintenance unlike some of the other cleaners that i have had for the money you can not go wrong.

Louise G.


Part of the family

This vacuum cleaner has become part of the family. It does a great job on our laminate planks and vinyl floors. Haven't used it on carpet although it does a great job on rugs and doormats. Amazed at the amount of fluff and dust it collects. Easy to empty the collection bin and clean/replace the filters and brushes. If it gets stuck when we forget to tuck away cables etc it stops and waits for human intervention.



Great hoover

Really useful product when you have a dog and newborn baby.

Mr Matt Beaver


Better than a Dyson

A true replacement for our ever faulty Dyson and you don't have to lift a finger.Perfectly vacuumed carpets every evening when I return from work. Its like having a cleaner visit every day.

Amazon Customer


Awesome product!

I am very happy with my Robovac! Been using it over a week now and I am still suppriesed at how much dirt it collects since its running every evening! And I was consurned that it would struggle with the rug I have in the lounge, but it manages to get onto it with ease! Really safisfied with it!


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Perfect for monitoring your baby!

I ordered this product a while back whilst waiting for my baby. I give it 5 stars as it doses everything it's supposed to do. Installation is simple and straightforward, range is good (~200m unobstructed). Picture quality is fine, I can see if the baby has it's eyes closed or not even on nightmode. When turning on the camera via the button the camera doses make a small noise bit it's not enough to wake up the baby. A fair price for a good equipment! I recommend this product.

Diogo Ferreira

Excelent Product

Easy to use, out of the box setup, it does what it claims with excellent quality. Plus I had problem and their customer service quickly solved it with excellence. I' m really happy with EufyCam.

IcePilot UK

An excellent product

Although I have just installed them, they seem made of good quality. Installation very easy, free app quite intuitive, integration with the other cameras and entry sensors (same brand) as easy as it can get. Battery performance not yet tested but knowing who is behind its technology, I would not doubt its duration!!!Excellent product indeed


Easy set up

Easy set up, good for communicating with family members who have same system over 300 miles away.

Amazon Customer

Seamless Setup

The eufyCam was a breeze to install and I'm very happy with the video quality particularly at night.

Amazon Customer

Lighting up your smile

Really like this (purchased with wireless setup) quality is good and like the lights. Still playing with settings to get the best results but first impressions are good.


Superb smart camera light.

Really happy with the quality of this product. Cheaper than rivals, no need for subscription, good features, app works well, looks good. Has siren and communication which works well. All in all does everything I want it to do. Happy days.

Amazon Customer

Amazing support from Eufy

I'll echo what others have said, the cameras are great, easy to set up, compact and have great features and picture quality. However the best part of the experience has been the eufy support.. they've quickly answered all my trivial questions and been super helpful both before and after purchase. Fantastic! Thanks!

Andy E

Great cameras and battery life surprisingly good!

Really pleased with the cameras and support. Battery life depends largely on how many events are filtered I’m estimating at least 3 months battery life on mine with homekit secure video enabled which is great. Even when the batteries do need a charge the cameras are really easy to remove then it’s just a usb lead into the hub. I’m very happy with these and would recommend.

The Robo hoover that has changed my life, no exaggeration. No more countless hours obsessing over ‘bulldog glitter’


She's the best addition to my family 🥰 Janet is a Smart Vacuum cleaner & I can't tell you how fast she cleans around the house. Not only does she work her magic on the tiles, but she's also carpet-friendly.

Let me tell you bout my best friend... This is eufy. I got it for Christmas and it’s my favorite thing ever. My last day at work was December 20, and then I became a SAHM. And this thing is a game changer.


So excited I couldn’t wait to share the happy mail I got last night! Happy early Mother’s Day present to me


We love our Eufy ❤️. It is a great little machine that vacuums our rooms while we are busy doing other tasks. We are always intrigued about how much it collects every time we use it.


The affordable, effective Eufy Robovac 11S is the robot vacuum for everyone.

The Eufy Robovac 30C lives where the budget-minded shopper and the smart home enthusiast can meet.

Schedule RoboVac to clean with your phone so you can do more important things - or nothing at all.

It can run for up to 100 minutes per charge, and it will keep your kitchen floor spotless without you having to move a muscle.

If you're looking for a nimble vacuum that can keep your house tidy, the Eufy RoboVac 11S should be high on your list.

Anker debuts robot vacuum

Eufy’s Robovac 30C is the latest, beefed-up and somewhat smarter version of the Robovac 11S Boost IQ model, an affordable robot vacuum that isn’t long on extra features but gets the job done on carpeting and hardwood floors. The Robovac 11S received a favorable “Recommended Product” rating when Digital Trends reviewed it.

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