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Battery Cameras

Worry-Free Total Security
SoloCam S340 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Dual Lens and Solar Panel SoloCam S340 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Dual Lens and Solar Panel

SoloCam S340 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Dual Lens and Solar Panel

Dual Cameras, 360° Detailed Coverage, Solar Powered

The All-in-One Standalone Wire-Free Security Camera

Local Storage* with<br> No Monthly Fee

On-Device Storage

Local Storage* with
No Monthly Fee

With built-in on-device storage, you can keep videos saved for years with no need to pay a monthly fee.
*If you choose to use cloud-based features such as cloud storage or push notifications with thumbnail previews, videos or thumbnail previews will be sent to the cloud as needed to provide your selected features.

Advanced Image Quality with Up<br> to 3K Resolution and 8× Zoom

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Advanced Image Quality with Up
to 3K Resolution and 8× Zoom

Capture every event that occurs around your home in ultra-clear resolution.

Long-Lasting Solar<br> Power

Solar Powered

Long-Lasting Solar

Advanced technology, efficient design, and intelligent processing enable extremely long-lasting battery life, taken even further with Forever Power solar charging.

Relevant Recordings

AI Detection

Relevant Recordings

The built-in AI ensures SoloCam only records when a person is present.

Color Night Vision and<br> Ultra-Bright Spotlight<br> with Up to 600 Lumens<br> of Output

Light Up the Night

Color Night Vision and
Ultra-Bright Spotlight
with Up to 600 Lumens
of Output

The ultra-bright spotlight with up to 600 lumens of output switches on as soon as motion is detected, shining a light on any unwanted guests, while the color night vision picks out details in darkness up to 8 meters away.

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*With optimal sunlight, the built-in solar panel can collect and store 600 to 800 mAh per day. eufy SoloCam S230 uses 150 to 200 mAh over a day and night of average use.

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