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Terms of Use of eufy Cloud Service

eufy Cloud Service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") is a service provided by Eufy (hereinafter referred to as "eufy" or "we"). It provides users with cloud space for video storage based on filming and recording devices(hereinafter collectively referred to as "eufy devices"); through this service, users can store video data captured by eufy devices in a more efficient way.

For you to clearly understand eufy Cloud Service, we have formulated these Terms of Use of eufy Cloud Service (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) to explain in detail the content, features and usage rules of the Service. Please read these rules carefully and thoroughly before ordering or using the Service, especially the terms of premises, limitations and exemptions from liability, etc. that are highlighted in captial or underlined. If you disagree or cannot accurately understand any part of these Terms of Use, you must not use the Service. By opening or using the Service, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Terms in full and are voluntarily adhere to them. It's necessary for us to periodically upgrade the software services; by using the Service, you understand and agree that, we will adjust the rules in accordance to the need of business operations. The relevant adjustments or updates will be announced or notified to you by in-site message, email or other written means, which shall take effect from the date specified (if not specified, it shall take effect 7 days after the announcement or notice.) If you do not accept the relevant adjustments or updates, you should immediately stop using the Service and inform us in writing; Otherwise, it is deemed that you have accepted the modified content. If you have any questions about the Terms or its updates, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to explain them to you. Therefore, you shall not claim that the Terms are invalid or revoke them on the grounds that you have not read them or received our answers to your queries.

The Terms are supplements to eufy Term of Service and eufy Privacy Policy and/or other relevant terms. For matters not covered in the Terms, the aforementioned relevant agreements and terms shall prevail.

  1. Through this service, eufy will use its software technical services and server resources to realize the purpose of saving users' video data remotely in the Cloud. The service itself does not directly publish or provide content, nor does it make any modification or editing to the content stored by users.
  2. Depending on the storage mechanism, payment method, storage duration, etc., the Service may contain multiple types. Please refer to the introduction of Cloud Plans on the website homepage for the main types of Cloud Service, which subject to the actual display on the relevant pages of the website (Different service types may be shown to you through different pages).
  3. The Service only supports some eufy product models. The use of this service depends on your network environment and your settings of eufy Client or App. You shall refer to the related pages of the Service for other details. You shall ensure that all conditions and requirements for using the Service have been met before applying for using the Service. Otherwise, eufy may refuse to provide the Service or terminate it at any time. If eufy is unable to provide the Service due to your failure to meet the using conditions,eufy does not assume any responsibility other than those expressly stipulated by law, and you should bear the relevant losses by yourself.
  4. The Service is a paid service. Unless otherwise stated, the Service is available as pre-paid package plans with fixed terms. You can order them according to your own needs. You have the right to choose whether to purchase the Service or not, but you shall understand and agree that, in consideration of the nature of the Service as a virtual commodity, unless otherwise agreed in writing to the contrary, the Service does not in principle support the refund of the consumed service time or the replacement of the eufy account using the Service once purchased or activated successfully. Even if you suspend the use of the Service before it expires, you will not get a refund or extend the corresponding service period for this. Meanwhile, eufy reserves the right to adjust the charging standards and/or ways of selling the Service. The relevant adjustments will be notified to you through announcements on the relevant pages of this website.
  5. You understand and agree that we only provide the eufy Cloud Service in accordance with the Terms and charge fees in accordance with the charging standards set forth in the Terms and the relevant pages of the Service. In addition, the relevant devices (such as the eufy devices that the Service is used for) and the fees required (such as telephone bill, access fee and data plan fee incurred by accessing the Internet, etc.) shall be borne by you.
  6. You acknowledge and understand that the Service is for legitimate non-commercial purposes only. You shall ensure that you do not use the Service for any illegal, tortious or profit-seeking activities and that you are solely and completely responsible for ordering and using of the Service. You understand and agree that in the Service, eufy only provides the cloud storage service for videos generated by eufy devices. Eufy cannot control the content filmed or saved using the Service, or the users' using behaviors; nor can we guarantee the legality, correctness, integrity, authenticity or quality of users' content or ways of using it. Therefore, if we find or receive complaint or reporting about your videos or your usage of this Service violating laws and regulations or these Terms, we have the right to independently define your behavior under the applicable Terms, and settle the issue accordingly, which includes deleting the content immediately, suspending or terminating some or all of the Service for you, demanding your compensation for losses. If any claim is made by any third party as a result of you conducting the aforementioned behaviors, you shall also be solely responsible for it. You shall also know and understand that in addition to the information provided by the complainant or reporter, the system log may also serve as relevant evidence of your violation of laws or the Terms.
  7. The Service will be provided in the way the currently available technology and conditions allow. Eufy will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the complete and proper storage of all the video materials within the scope of your subscription. However, you shall acknowledge and understand that the Service may be affected by a variety of factors, including but not limited to users, partners, technology of eufy Cloud development and testing and quality of network environment. Therefore, eufy cannot provide absolute promise or guarantee for the stability and quality of the Service. The Service only supports some eufy products to enable Advanced Data Protection. You shall acknowledge and understand that due to the special nature of this technology, you can only view the cloud videos protected by the Advanced Data Protection by inputting the protection code you set. If you forget this protection code, you will not be able to view these cloud videos and eufy will not be able to provide password recovery service. Meanwhile, unless there is an effective judicial ruling, eufy's liability for compensation arising from the Service will be limited to the relevant fees actually paid by you.TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, EUFY WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, INCIDENTAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES OR LOST PROFITS.
  8. We will carefully and properly take necessary technical measures in accordance with industry standards to protect the information and data provided to us by you in the process of ordering and using the Service, such as the subscription and usage information. But you shall understand and agree that in consideration of the open environment of the Internet, we can't provide absolute guarantee for relevant information and data security. You can learn about our information and data security mechanism by referring to eufy Privacy Policy. If you encounter relevant problems when using the Service, you can also seek explanations and treatment from us at any time by contacting our support team.
  9. In consideration of the particularity of network service and to ensure the security of service operation, you shall understand and accept that eufy may upgrade or adjust the Service at any time, which may lead to changes of some functions of the service, disability of the old service system, or requirements of your additional operation on related browser plug-in, mobile phone Apps, terminal device software, etc. Relevant upgrades or adjustments will be released in the form of new versions of the service, system updates, etc. You should perform operations in time as prompted to avoid unnecessary losses caused by inability to continue using the Service or by service instability.
  10. You shall understand and agree that eufy may repair or maintain the platform and related devices that support the Service on a regular or irregular basis, which may cause interruption of the Service within a reasonable time period.Regarding such interruption, eufy will make an announcement in advance on the eufy website, eufy Client or other relevant pages of the Service, or we will notify you in advance by email, in-site message, etc. However, eufy shall not be liable for your loss and the service term will not be extended, except in the case of intentional or negligent loss caused by eufy unilaterally.
  11. In consideration of the special nature of the Network Services, you shall agree that eufy may terminate part or all of the Service at any time. Eufy will notify you of such termination in advance by E-mail, in-site message or other means. But eufy shall not be liable for any responsibility caused by such termination except in the event of any intentional or negligent loss caused to you by eufy unilaterally. If eufy terminates the Service, it may delete all cloud video data you store in the Service. You need to back up your data in advance or periodically.
  12. The Service may use software or technology provided by third parties. If the Service uses software or technology of third parties, you should be careful to observe the relevant terms and conditions of such third parties. Except as expressly provided by law, we assume no liability for such situations and the Terms do not affect your legal relationship with such third parties.
  13. In consideration of the technical proposal, the video data you store in eufy Cloud will be in accordance with the storage location you selected. If you change your storage location, only the video uploaded after the change will be effective in the current location, and the videos that have been uploaded before will still exist in the previously selected storage location.
  14. If any provision of the Terms is deemed invalid, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected.
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